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The key objective of organising an event is to connect with your target audience more effectively; be it a conference, product launch, trade show or a job fair.

Over the years companies have woken up to the fact that advertising is one of the key drivers of an event’s success – a successful event isn’t just well organized, it’s well advertised too. We understand events are time-specific, and their success rate is determined by how and through which channels you convey your message. With the evolution of advertising platforms, it is now easier to reach a large number of audiences within a given timeframe, yet it has become equally complex to influence the right ones to show up during a particular event.

We at Promogage, thoroughly research each of our client’s goals and objectives to design campaigns according to their company size and type of event. Keeping budget and resource constraints of a startup and small size companies in mind, we determine affordable advertising channels in order to reach your target audience and stay on budget. We provide extended support through all possible means of communication such as Email, Blog, social media to drive attendees.

Competition is fierce to help corporates stay ahead in the market, we create marketing strategies specifically designed for industry leaders by personalizing their style, and highlighting their value and businesses goals. With deliberate measured plan and unique branded marketing materials, we take away the stress to provide the best way that combines advertising channels to help your attendees throughout each stage of the buying cycle. We also back your marketing team to capture the moments during an event as well as assist them in takeaway management.

From inception, Promogage is known for tailored offerings that deliver comprehensive event experience; which in turn, helps our clients create a stronger brand affinity. 

  • Delegates Acquisition
  • Speakers Acquisition
  • Event Website and marketing collateral design
  • Event Logo Design
  • Event Content development
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile App development
  • Media buying and planning
  • Event Photo and Videography
  • Designing Counters, Kiosk, stalls, standees, displays, and Backdrops
  • Gifting / takeaways management
  • PR management

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